Aluminium Home

By Vestopazzo - Hand Crafed in Italy

Recycling with Style: when creativity and sustainability blend together.
Vestopazzo’s home décor is made from 100% recycled aluminium. Creating a new object, with a new purpose and allowing that energy to go round again.


Once upon a time there was… 100% recycled aluminium
“I shift from one shape to another, constantly changing. And when the shape chosen has become old and unused I reinvent myself and start a new journey. 
I become aluminium pot, then bottle cap, I’ve been part of a fridge and have watched the ways of the world being a window, I’ve travelled many roads as part of a car engine and now my shape is changing again. 
The hands of wise artisans melt and forge me, I am transformed into home accessory, a trivet, a bowl or cutlery, I become jewellery, a necklace, an earring or a bracelet. Every piece I come to be is created individually, unique in its being one of a kind. Born from the love and the time of those who still believed in me, I remain part of a wider process that keeps on turning.