Embrace the Season Change, Have Fun with your Decor!

As Interior Designers we love a season change; it gives you an opportunity to change things up in your home, re-address what’s important to you in that season, and how you use that particular space.

Moving into winter it’s likely we will spend more time inside, so it’s a great time to consider how you can make it more cosy and inviting. This can be achieved in many different ways, some ways requiring a little more effort than others! If you have a little bit of time and enthusiasm, redecorating can really transform a room. In the winter some people choose to embrace the darker and colder days by opting for velvety shades of deep navy, sultry charcoal or even warming rust or ochre tones. If you are looking for something with a little less effort you can bring in smaller touches, such as more lamps - adding a mellow light with a soft glow will make the space feel far more inviting and cosy. The best way to achieve this is to pick a tone that’s a couple of shades lighter than the true light outside, you don’t want to come into a room and be dazzled with a white bright light.

Textiles and layering are high on our list of winter home essentials; blankets, rugs, throws and cushions are an effortless way to transition your home into a colder season. Warm bases like creams, taupe or peat, and cable-knit weaves are perfect. Throws in particular are vital for a winter-ready space. Whether draped over your bed or your seating arrangements, they bring a layered look to interiors and can double up as a cosy wrap for you too.

Add a winter centrepiece, something special that you wouldn’t use at any other time of year. This works especially well in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and hallways. Use an oversized vase in a metallic, brushed or matte finish in gold or bronze, or even a high gloss ceramic; make the most of it, at other times in the year it may look a little too much, but in the winter it works really well. You can then fill it with fuzzy catkins to add a soft texture, pussy willow to add height or a large bouquet of white flowers to pair it down, almost suggesting snow. If flowers aren’t your thing think a bold sculpture or empty vase, this will have the same dramatic effect and will certainly be a talking point.

Lastly candles; they are perfect for creating a restful atmosphere and are a beautiful way to give your home that winter glow. Place multiple candles around your interior for maximum impact, scattering a few thoughtfully chosen candles across bookcases, mantelpieces, window sills and tabletops. There are now some amazingly realistic battery operated candles which can be switched on and off manually or by remote control, if you’d prefer a safer option to a naked flame. Don’t forget to try room diffusers too. Designs with festive-inspired scents (think orange, cedar wood and spicy ginger notes) work really well and truly bring the season in doors. Enjoy.

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