Greenery and Life makes you Smile :)

Now, if you're anything like me, you can sit about for a day or two (its quite nice), but then you're itching to do something. I drive my husband insane jumping up and down all the time. He seems to be able to sit for hours without any problem at all! Normally I'm up and about doing anything I can house related, titivating is what my husband calls it. If I'm not decorating or painting something, I'm moving furniture around, messing with cushions, putting rugs in places I haven’t had them before, or playing with accessories. I figure I can't be the only one obsessed with making my home the best it can be, especially at the moment, as we never leave! So I thought why not share a few of my ideas.

I certainly feel that whilst the weather is nice it's lovely to get into the garden, if you are lucky enough to have one, and enjoy the spring flowers and new greenery popping up everywhere. However, when the weather isn’t good, it’s not quite so enjoyable. So I bring some of that new life and freshness back inside with me to enjoy whatever it's doing outside.

I have recently brought some of my newly sprouted plants and flowers inside. Daffodils are such happy flowers, so I’ve taken a few from the garden that have blown over or looking a little sorry for themselves, popped them in a vase and scattered them around the house. It’s like having little rays of sunshine all over the house.

I’ve also taken a few cuttings of shrubs and trees that we have along the garden borders and placed them in vases too. Although they may not last long, they can be replaced very easily, and again they bring an element of freshness and life into your home. More so now than ever we need to make our homes feel welcoming and full of life.

Taking a pair of good secateurs on your allocated exercise walks can also be a great way to find stems and branches. I think it goes without saying that I only take small cuttings from hedgerows, and I never go into people's gardens.

Potted herbs on your kitchen windowsill will also add a splash of green.

I'll keep posting as ideas come to me, in the mean time stay safe and look after each other. #bathroom #makeover #spa #kitchen #greenery #home #herbs #smile

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