Here's to a New Year and a New Start!

Well, what can we say about 2020, not much, nothing that hasn't already been said many times already, so we won't, we want to look to the future, what we can do to make 2021 a better year for everyone!

Naturally we will be thinking along the lines of interiors, decor, styling, soft furnishings, upholstery, curtains and blinds and anything else that goes into your home! I think people have realised, over the past year, that now more than ever having a comfortable home, with pleasant functional spaces, is vital to your mental health and an enjoyable family life. So we have come up with just a few tips on how you can cost effectively, make your spaces more inviting, functional, homely and cohesive.

Lets start with the main bedroom. We all know that a good day follows a good nights sleep, well that's the theory!

Why not try new bedding - there is no better time to make a cost effective purchase than in January! New bedding can transform a room and make you feel so much better. We suggest white linen; it's easy to keep clean, can be washed at high temperatures, suits any decor and gives that crisp hotel feel. Add splashes of colour with throw cushions and accessories.

Next, if you're a little bit handy try adding a feature wall behind your bedhead. It doesn't need to be garish, or done in fancy wallpaper, in fact simple is often better. It's very on trend to add faux paneling at the moment, this can be done easily with some rips of MDF or beading, some painters caulk and some emulsion. Depending on your ceiling hight and how much feature you want you can run it all the way to the ceiling or just part way and add in a small shelf.

Living Spaces

Often the easiest way to give your living spaces a lift and refresh is to have a repaint. We never fail to be impressed by the power of paint. Start by choosing an accent colour, this can be a colour you have in a piece of art, a cushion, rug or throw. Accent colours don't have to be bright, they can be neutral. Consider using subtle colours and neutrals in unified spaces and stronger colours in more defined spaces. For example a white or neutral living space leading onto a dining area with a strong coloured feature wall can have a wonderful impact and draw your eye into the room.

Rugs, another fantastic way to add colour, warmth and delineation of space. Rugs can now be sourced and purchased quite easily and cheaply. Its just important to factor in the size you need, never buy an undersized rug! Consider how much wear and tear its likely to get, and consider a rug with pattern and colour - you can always risk going a little bolder with rugs as they don't sit directly in your eye line and can add real character and depth to your room. Tip; tape out your floor space to work out how the rug will look before buying. We have a more in-depth post on rugs here where you can read more in-depth about how to find the right rug for your space.

Change up your cushions and throws. This can have a dramatic effect on the feel of a room. You can replace covers or the whole cushion depending on the condition of existing cushions and obviously your budget.

For a less formal and more relax feel consider mixing sizes of cushions and fabrics. lumbar cushions, mixed with different sizes of square cushions in different fabrics such as linen, velvet and wool, will feel less dressed. Mix pattern and plain in complementary colours, but keep to a maximum of three colours unless you want a really eclectic feel!

For a more formal and dressed look consider piped or edged cushions in the same size in a similar colour/complementary palette and fabric. Still add some pattern, if you wish, to add a bit of depth. Generally more neutral/muted tones are used for more formal spaces. We would always recommend feather filling from a sustainable source for more formal cushions, as they can be easily dressed. Approaching your choices in this way will feel far more organised and cohesive.

Photo credit Sophie Patterson Interiors

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