Home Bar Project Design and Build

As well as shorter blogs that offer up tips and advice on interior design and home staging we are also writing longer posts on our projects. Intended to help you understand what we do and our processes, as well as offer some inspiration to show what can be achieved with a little out of the box thinking!

This project was exactly that, a commission of a home bar - everyone wants one of those, right?!

Our clients came to us and asked if we would design and construct a home bar in their garage. They have a love of craft beers and whiskies, have quite the impressive collection and wanted somewhere to display it, as well as have a working bar for guests and family gatherings. We were told that some family members are keen cocktail makers so a cocktail station was a must, somewhere they would be able to experiment and show off their skills.

Fortunately we have experience in commercial bar construction, fit out and design. Taking some of the elements of projects previously worked on we were able to incorporate some pretty cool and impressive elements to the back bar design and the mobile cocktail station.

With all of the above in mind we set about creating a simple mood board. It was decided an industrial theme would best suit the garage location.

During the first meeting, before we started any of the design, it was important for us to understand how our clients envisaged using the space;

· How many people were likely to be in the space

· Do they want it to have lots of display space

· Do they want open shelves with access, or do they prefer closed display cupboards

· What kind of aesthetic are they looking for, have they been inspired by places visited, or have specific things they want to see incorporated into the design.

Taking accurate measurements of the space as well as a number of photos and videos we went away to start working on the initial design concepts.

Here we wanted to work out what style of bar space our clients were looking for. This had been discussed briefly at the initial meeting so we had a relatively good idea of what they didn’t want. We also knew that as this was going to be in a garage space, we would be limited to what flooring and wall coverings we could use as well as the lack of natural light and insulation.

We then got to work on some computer based design, in both 2d and 3d to get an idea of shape and space and how our design might work in the actual space. This not only helps us as the designers, but also clients are able to see exactly what their design will look like before it's completed. This is a great opportunity for changes and tweaks to be made.

Production took a little longer than expected as we were mid project when we were hit with the first lockdown. To help move the project along as quickly as possible much of the installation was done by us to ensure we kept delays to a minimum.

As part of the project we also upcycled an old Piano so that it was more in keeping with the new bar feel. Finished in a stone effect using Chalk Paint the transformation alongside the newly painted grey and gold effect shimmered wall really added a touch of glamour.

We worked to ensure that every detail was considered.

Functionality is paramount in good design. Lighting was a big factor, and with minimal existing lighting, we ensured that there was sufficient task and ambient lighting for safety, preparation and cleaning as well as accent lighting for that all important aaahh! We used Phillips Hue strip lights for the shelving and optic bulbs as well as bottle step lighting for the back bar.

We installed a bespoke cocktail bar on casters so it can easily be moved if required. It consisted of a preparation area, speed rail, ice bucket, drainage and seating for up to 6 people, ideally 4 comfortably. Industrial strength drawers were installed either side of the fridge. They were designed to be the exact depth of the beer bottles, each one with dividers to stop the bottles moving.

The wooden shelves and back bar were stained with wax to give an aged and industrial feel, also working with the colour of the existing piano, to create a cohesive feel. The colour and finish can easily be maintained with regular wax application and buffing.

Completion of the project. Very happy to say that it came in on budget, with only a small delay due to the first Covid lockdown; we and our client are extremely happy with the result.

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