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Gosh we’ve been so busy over the last few months, which is great, but has left little time for us to get into our blogs and social media!

We've had lots of enquires recently about home bars and entertaining spaces, so we thought we’d cover a blog on that and what to consider when you are thinking about a home bar and entertaining space. Most people are restricted by the space they have but if you are lucky enough to have a whole room to dedicate to the space then really anything is possible, check out our blog post https://www.revivalbydesign.co.uk/post/pool-room-to-party-room-and-entertaining-space-a-unique-design-project-part-1 this is a recently completed project with a room dedicated to entertaining!

We have years of experience in commercial bar and restaurant fit out, which means we can often think of the little things that can make a space more practical and aesetically pleasing. There are many little things that, if considered at the initial design stage, can make a world of difference to how the space feels and functions at the end. Many people have clear ideas on what they want and the style they want, but are struggling to make the ideas reality.

Firstly you need to consider the space you have for a home bar, that’s likely to dictate the whole project. You would think that the smaller you make the bar the less it will cost, however that’s not always the case. We have designed very small bars that have cost far more than a bar over twice its size because of the materials we’ve used, the appliances and also the detailing which makes such a difference to the end result. Even the smallest, most compact bars can pack a real punch and create amazing feature. Consider things like in-shelf lighting, back lights, mirrored walls, floating shelves with brass inlays, recessed ice wells and sinks, marble tops and twinned wine and beer fridges.

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Next, style - how do you want the bar to look? Industrial, Art Deco (Gatsby glitz and glamour) or maybe relaxed coastal? The choices are endless and only limited by your, and our, imaginations. The one piece of advice here is that it needs to be in keeping with the style of your home, it still needs to feel cohesive and welcoming.

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Now you need to consider what you want the bar to do. Is it purely to serve drinks and keep them cool, or do you want to be able to make cocktails, wash and store glasses and make ice. Knowing exactly what purpose you want your bar to serve will help with planning, budgeting and also save time. You will also need to consider, depending on how you would like to use the space, what services you may need such as additional power points for fridges and ice makers. You will need to know how you can wire additional feature lighting such as strip, spot or wall lights. Plumbing and waste for sinks and taps.

A bar can be designed as an all-encompassing space, or it can be a small servery within a bank of cabinets, or anything in-between. It can be a party space to allow people to sit stand and circulate or be something quite discreet which only comes to life when it’s in use, the rest of the time you would barely know it was there. The latter is perfect for people with limited space or people who don’t want a permanent bar feature.

Images courtesy of Instagram and Google

If you’d like to talk to us about a home bar or any interior design project then please get in touch through the link!

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