Lounge Transformation

We were recently engaged to help a family fall in love with their lounge again. It wasn't until the end of the project that our clients told us they were so unhappy with how the lounge looked originally, that they were considering moving. They were so lost as to what to do with it that they were prepared to move to have a space that better suited their needs!

This project was fun to do and our clients couldn't have been more receptive to our ideas for their space. After getting to know a little more about how they wanted to use the space, their styles, colour, likes and dislikes, as well as budget, we set about working on some initial designs and a moodboard. We knew that an industrial theme with a little refinement was a style that they liked and it would also complement other spaces in their home.

As the creative process developed, we decided on exposed brick and concrete effect paint for the main feature wall. This worked particularly well as the home is a barn conversion and the original brick has so much character, texture, depth and warmth. This colour pallet then led the rest of the design.

From our initial discussions it was clear that this room, being part of an open plan living space, needed to feel inviting and cohesive and accommodate the whole family. Keen movie watchers the main focal point of this room was the bespoke recycled leather sofa. As we bespoke designed the sofa, we had full control over the exact size, style, material and cushion composition. Movable ottomans on each end also enables our client to make up a giant day bed for the family for movie watching, then return them to the ends for a more formal seating option for additional guests.

As well as a bespoke sofa, we designed a custom console table to run along the back of the sofa, a shelving unit and custom feature wall cabinetry. It was important that the cabinetry and furniture were in keeping with the industrial theme whilst retaining a level of refinement and sophistication, so although off the shelf would have been an option, a bespoke design ensured we achieved the exact look we wanted as well as having complete control over size, colour and finish.

To help anchor the space and work with the theme an almost wall to wall bespoke wool rug was placed under the sofa - it added a softness and delineation to the space, making it clear that this was a room within a room.

Bespoke cushions in complementary colours finished the sofa. For such a big sofa we chose large 50 x 50cm feather filled cushions in a range of fabrics to add texture and depth. Tonally in keeping, the cushions varied in depth of colour and we used a mix of velvet, weaves and linen.

The accessories all have a sculptural nature to them, in keeping with the industrial feel to the space. A mixture of metals, glass and ceramic were used interspersed with greenery to break up the hard surfaces. We also commissioned art from a local artist. She worked with us to incorporate the colours in the room and create a stunning abstract piece that brings the whole room together.

We love including multiple lighting options in a space, it's a must. We have the central ceiling pendant, down lights, console table lamps, feature down lights and led strip lighting on the feature wall, all dimmable, and all of which can be used independently or together to create a desired theme. Using the Phillips Hue system you can programme lights to come on and go off at certain times, fade in and our and use different colours if you want to, creating your own mood and theme for entertaining and move watching, or bright lights for cleaning or completing tasks.

The overall look and feel of this lounge space has been transformed into a welcoming family area with lots of warmth, texture and character, in keeping with the rest of the home. Our clients have been extremely please with what we achieved.

Here is a picture of the lounge before we started work. I think you will agree that the room is now far more inviting.

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