Pantone Colours 2021 - Optimism and Strength!

Pantone colour of the year is here, well they are both here! Yes for 2021 Pantone have announced two colours, and quite honestly after 2020 we need them!

Ultimate Grey and Illuninating, they have come together to create a paring, to signify the importance of relationships and the need for one another. It’s a unity of optimism and strength.

Illuminating is a bright and cheerful yellow, signifying warm days, sunshine and hope. A new year, a new start.

Ultimate Grey, a warm grey from the colour of pebbles, rock and nature, signifies the foundation of something new, a calm solid security. A colour built to stand the test of time, offering firmness, composure and resilience.

Pantone colours are decided by using in depth analysis of colour experts from around the globe over a 12 month period. The experts on the pantone panel come from a multitude of backgrounds, with architects, artists, designers and journalists to name a few. They concentrate on how colours can depict social climate, how it can reflect upon it, dwell upon it, or even attempt to lift us out of it. We can certainly see the thinking behind their colour choices for this year.

Let’s have a look at the best way to use these colours in your home.

Ultimate Grey; a warm grey that can be used in everything from a carpet to accessories, or a whole room. It’s a colour that comes from nature, such as pebbles, rock or stone, it denotes fortitude and safety and for that reason is relatively easy to incorporate into a scheme, that and most other colours do go well with grey.

Illuminating may be a little more challenging being a vibrant brighter colour, so use it as Pantone intended, in combination. Use an accent in a chair or sofa and sit it against an Ultimate Grey wall, the combination will be harmonious and uplifting.

Alternatively, ease yourself into a mellow yellow mindset with accents of Illuminating via yellow cushions or a yellow rug—overlap it with another rug if you still find the pop of yellow too strong.

The very safest route of all to get creative with Pantone’s two colours for 2021, would be to use carefully curated grey wall art and yellow wall art. In an otherwise neutral scheme of biscuit beiges (inspired by Dulux’s Colour of the Year perhaps) and monochrome, a wall filled with pieces in grey and yellow will work the trend without overtaking the rest of the room's colour scheme.

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