Pool Room to Party Room and Entertaining Space! A Unique Design Project.

Ok, so who doesn't want a room especially designed for entertaining?! If we had the space, we'd all like to think that we could seat 20 people for dinner, advise them to help themselves to a drink from the self service bar, or relax on the velvet sofas next to the roaring fire. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to design and deliver such a project for our clients, so we thought we would share our journey with you!

Initially this space started life as an indoor pool. It was already a stunning space with bifold doors running the length of one wall, another door leading to an outside courtyard and changing facilities with shower and toilet. The stunning exposed trusses running the length of the building gave this room a grand scale.

Like many people though, our clients didn't use it as much as they would have liked; the dream of having a pool generally outweighs the reality for most people. The pool was something they acquired with the house when they bought it 6 years ago, so we'd say they had given it a fair chance to see if they would use it.

So...... enter project Party Room and Entertaining space. This great room design was really exciting for us and immediately the creativity of what we could do started to permeate! Sensibly our clients wanted to work to quite a tight but realistic budget - as this was a room to be used for entertaining they wanted it to feel welcoming and exciting, but also not have to worry about potential spills ruining thousands of pounds of expensive fabrics and floor coverings.

With a realistic budget and ideas of what our clients wanted to achieve we set to work on some concepts. With such a big room, we find that illustrating our ideas and concepts in 3D models and walkthrough videos, makes it far easier for our clients visualise and understand. .

Using 3D modelling and a walkthrough video we were able to accurately show where things would go, how they would look in the space as well as what colours and textures we were thinking of using. As this was such a big space one of the most important things to get right was the scale of furniture as well as do what we could to dull the echoing from the hard surfaces and high ceilings.

Incorporating an Amtico floor, voile curtains, fabric sofas, rugs, statement chairs and fabric dining chairs helped to reduce the echoing. Whilst the echoing will never completely disappear without extensive specialist acoustic treatments and spending thousands more, we achieved a level that is far less noticeable. We were all keen to avoid the space looking too much like a wedding venue too.

With the overall feel of the space coming together along with the colour scheme it was time to turn our attentions the the bar. Having been involved in restaurant, bar and hotel projects for a number of years, we are no strangers to bar design and always get excited when a client asks us to design and build one for them.

Our clients really wanted a bar, but they were apprehensive because they didn't want a typical bar and backfitting style and didn't want to stand behind it serving guests all night long. So we came up with a completely different concept; a self-service island bar that the hosts and their guests could sit around, chatting away and that everyone could help themselves to drinks from. We incorporated ice-wells into the bar top - completely bespoke and insulated so as to avoid any condensation getting into the carcase.

We love an industrial feel to our bar designs. The bar top is wrapped in mild steel and has recessed ice wells for beer, champagne and wine. Under that there is a double bar fridge and 4 drawers for storage of glasses. The tower above houses a shelf for spirits and mixers, with integrated LED light strips to uplight everything on it. Right at the top is a planting trough to add much needed greenery for a decorative and softened feel.

The bar can comfortably accommodate 8 people sat around it and allows everyone to help themselves to drinks.

The wall panelling at the bar end of the space helps to delineate it from the dining area, (where the flooring runs in the opposite direction to further help with the delineation of the space).

The bar stools made from wood and metal carry on the industrial theme. Easy to move, durable and not fussy, they do exactly what they need to.

Ok so lets look at the lounge area. Although this space is only 1/3 of the overall space its still bigger than most peoples entire lounge at home. It was important to get this right. We needed to ensure the furniture filled the space and was the right scale, but also maintain a good amount of circulation space. Given that this space needed to accommodate all ages, we were careful to keep the furniture to a height that was easy to get in and out of, whilst maintaining an uninterrupted view to the panelled feature wall and statement wood burner at the end of the room. Aesthetically, keeping a view of the wood burner from the entry point of the room was important, as our client wanted this to be a real wow.

This space can feel light and bright in the summer, opening up the three sets of bi-fold doors that flow out into the garden, outdoor seating, BBQ and hot tub area. Or, it can be made to feel really cosy and warm by turning on the heating and enjoying the radiant heat from the statement radiators, lighting the oversized wood burner and turning on the statement floor lamps. You can already feel how amazing it would be to sit and enjoy a glass of red wine around the fire and wrap yourself up in one of the recycled wool throws.

The dining space can accommodate up to 20 guests, with all the additional extensions in the table. The table is something of a family heirloom too, so needed to be incorporated sympathetically.

To allow as many people the option to sit in comfort as possible we also designed two bespoke oversized modern wing chairs, in keeping with the theme. To give them a bit of a wow, we chose different fabrics for the seats and outsides of the chair. As this room is so large we wanted them to feel as big as possible and putting a patterned geometric pattern on the outside of the chair really helped with that.

We thoroughly enjoyed this project and I'm sure you'll agree that it's a real transformation from the pool room it once was. I'm also sure there will be many a party in here and I hope, lots of happy times.

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