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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

As qualified home stager, I’m often asked about it, how it works and what it means. So I’ve put a number of blog posts together to help you understand what it is, to give you guidance on how to use it effectively and ultimately sell your home quickly for the best possible price. In a challenging market this strategy can mean you may sell your home more easily and quickly than un-staged property.

So home staging is very different to decorating. Staging a home is about strategic editing and depersonalising as opposed to decorating and personalising. It is a strategy that helps to broaden the buying audience by appealing to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

There has been significant research on the results of home staging and the benefits of it. I won't bore you with lots of it, but its worth knowing one.

90% of potential buyers struggle to see the potential of a space or room and can't see how they would use it or live in it (home staging resource). This is why its important to illustrate the use of every space and room to its full potential.

Property staging can come in a number of different guises;

· New construction – Apartments and new house builds

· Empty properties – Homes that have already been vacated by the current owner

· Occupied homes – Homes currently lived on by the person looking to sell

I’ll cover all of these in future posts, however I’m going to start with the occupied homes

When you stage a property for sale you want it to sell a lifestyle, but not necessarily the lifestyle your lifestyle as the current owner. Really in simple terms all you are looking to do is highlight the best, most attractive features of the property. Unlike decorating you need to allow potential buyers the opportunity to see themselves living in your property as soon as they step foot in the door.

Unlike the majority of my work, its turning the whole process on its head. You now need to consider the process of turning a home into a house. This can be an incredibly emotional process for most people, especially if this has been a family home for many years with lots of fond memories.

As a home stager, it’s my job to help you with that process and that’s what I aim to do in this series of posts. I do appreciate that this isn’t the time to sell, however its certainly worth a read so when the time is right, you can be ready. Your house will be ready to appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers, sell more quickly and for a higher asking price.

So please do keep reading, I’ll endeavour to give you as much information as I can to help you achieve maximum return on probably the biggest investment you will ever make.


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