Simple repairs can add ££££'s to your homes value.

In my experience, repairs and maintenance are often areas that sellers think don't really matter. In their minds they are asking a reasonable price so why should they repair things at their cost when they are the one leaving. Another school of thought is that buyers probably won't notice on a quick look round so cover them up and pretend they don't exist. Unfortunately that's not the case, well not in the majority of circumstances. Buyers are savvy, if they like the house on the first visit the likelyhood is they will want a second viewing before putting in an offer. This is the exact time that they will work through the house with a fine toothed comb, checking light switches, turning taps on and off, opening doors, checking the gate in the garden and spotting the damp patch on the wall.

To sell your property effectively you need to remove as many potential objections as possible. The best way to do this is look at your house as a potential buyer moving into every room with an extremely critical eye and make a list as you go.

  • Cracks, stains or any other indications of water damage to ceilings

  • Pet odours or any damage done by pets

  • Musty mouldy smells in any rooms, including garages or storage areas

  • Ensure that the condition of grout and tiles in the bathroom are in good order

  • No chips, scratches to wall trims or paintwork

  • Ensure that taps are all in working order and are clean

  • Door handle, knocker letter box are all clean and in good condition to create the right first impression.

Carpets are particularly important, worn and/or dirty carpets will be a huge turn off to potential buyers. Having them professionally cleaned, or replaced if cleaning doesn't work, will immediately eliminate that objection.

When a buyer sees a poorly maintained property they think a number of things;

  • What is this going to cost me to put right

  • What else might they be hiding

  • I don't have time to put all of this right, I'll look for something else

  • I'll put in a low offer, I'll need to to pay for this to be put right (this could be tens of thousands), when really its likely to cost you a few hundred to get the price you are asking. In my opinion it's a no brainer!

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