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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

A furniture artist, small business owner and interior stylist and decorator, I’m not a writer, but I am incredibly passionate about interiors. I’m pretty much obsessed! I love transformation. I started this blog to help people make their houses feel more like homes, to be a reflection of the people that live in them and most importantly to be what you dreamed it could be.

I’m currently, with my husband, working on a couple of projects that I wanted to share with you. The majority of our work comes through our small retail space in Howden East Yorkshire.

As these projects start and move on, I’ll share the journey with you.

The first project I'm going to share is a local client with a brief to help turn their previous family home into an upmarket holiday rental. A large 4 bedroomed home, the property immediately lends itself to the short term rental market, however before marketing the property the owners were aware that a bit of cosmetic modernisation would be required to appeal to the discerning holiday rental market. They asked Revival by Design for help. We were not only able to help them with design, colour and decorating advice, but also help them upcycle the pine handmade kitchen, by painting it and giving it a wholly new feel, without the cost of a new kitchen.

As with all of our design consultations, no matter how big or small we provided a short report of ideas and recommendations. We work on offering three initial concepts and then work with our clients to narrow down the colours and style they are looking for.

I’ve decided to start this blog, working from the kitchen. As this is where we had most work to do. Future blog posts will work around the home. I will explain how I made the decisions on colour and styling as well as how we decided to keep things like the carpets and exposed brick to save on cost and how this was incorporated into the final design.

After looking at three initial ideas for the kitchen, all based around a blue pallet, we decided on a darker blue. Its high ceilings and plenty of light, meant that we could go a little darker without the kitchen feeling oppressive. This would offer a real wow factor and give the old pine kitchen a new lease of life.

Pictures courtesy of Google and Pinterest

I’m a huge lover of mood boards, they help both myself and my client see how colours, textures and finishes will work together. Using a mood board gives you the freedom to switch colours in and out, as well as swatches of flooring, fabrics and furniture until you are happy with the overall look.

This is very much a work in progress picture. You can see immediately how different the kitchen is going to look. You can also see how the tiles complement not only the new painted kitchen cupboards, but the exposed brick work and the stained beams.

Many people approach kitchen painting in different ways and depending on the finish you want to achieve will depend on how you choose to approach it. Please visit our guide to chalk painting your kitchen for our tips and advice. We used chalk paint for this kitchen as the hand painted nature and unique finish of chalk paint suited the aesthetic we wanted to achieve.

To find out how to paint your kitchen, check out our "How To's" blog post on painting your kitchen https://www.revivalbydesign.co.uk/blog/categories/how-to-s

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