What a Year! Challenges, Achievements and Interior Design

So, there is so much to say about this year. It's been a challenging and obscure year for everyone, some people have over come and had to face more challenges than others. We have all faced something we've never faced before. We would like to wish all those people struggling and powering on the strength to continue and not give up.

From a personal stand point, we've worked extremely hard and we have been incredibly lucky and quite honestly we feel blessed to have been so fortunate. We've had a really busy year, our first official year having transitioned the business away from stand alone retail, into a turn key, project managed Interior Design business along with bespoke upholstery and handmade curtains and blinds. We do still have the shop which is now a showroom fully focused on delivering personalised services to individuals who want to work with us to make their houses homes with a personal touch. To offer the best in customer service the showroom opens on an appointment basis, whether that be for a full home or office redesign or a set of curtains or blinds.

To celebrate what we have achieved this year, we thought it would be nice to take a look at the project we've completed and say a big thank you to our wonderful clients for having the trust and faith in us to deliver the projects on time, budget and most of all the home they envisaged.

Lounge Restyle

This projects brief was to make our clients fall in love with their lounge again.

Here's a before picture

Party Room

Our next project, a referral from the last was transforming an indoor pool room into a party and entertaining space.

Heres a before picture

Lounge Redesign

The brief from this client was to make her lounge feel more welcoming and homely. As this project was a rental we really didn't want to make any permanent changes, so ensured that everything was removable.

Heres a before picture

A full house redesign

Our clients for this home wanted us to take care of everything, still living down south they were buying this home together nd didn't have the time to spend in redecorating and sourcing furniture.

Heres a couple of before pictures

Lounge redesign

This project primarily started as a lounge redesign, but developed into replacement of carpets and blinds throughout.

Heres a couple of before pictures of the lounge

Finishing touches

Our client asked if we could help bring their rooms together with some accessories and finishing touches.

The best result here was using colour in the pool room, here's a picture of before, its quite a dramatic change, we are always stunned by the impact of paint on a space.

Family Home

This our final project completion for the year was numerous rooms, all requiring different levels of design, from a full lounge redesign to accessories and finishing touches in other spaces.

Here are a few pictures of before

We've throughly enjoyed completing the projects above this year and working with our clients to achieve spaces they enjoy living in. We have three project currently carrying over into next year and we hope that there will be a few more to add when we do our next round up at the end of 2022.

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients past and present, here's to a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2022. Hannah and Matt - Revival by Design

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