Why motorise and automate your blinds and curtains

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

We get asked a lot "why should I motorise my blinds and curtains, it costs more, is it worth it?"

There are always going to be numerous answers to this question, but our response is usually something like this...

Firstly, convenience - instead of manually winding down your roller or roman blinds, it’s a simple click of a remote, or a tap on an app on your smart phone, and you can control them individually or all at the same time.

Secondly, safety - Cords hanging down are a safety risk, especially with young children. Also, no more reaching over the sofa or bed to get to the cords. With motorised blinds, there are no cords at all - no cords means much better for everyone and they are inherently child safe.

Thirdly, automation - this is the future and its available now. This is what takes your motorised blinds and curtains to the next level. Set it up once and forget about it - your blinds and curtains can be your morning alarm clock, what better way than to be woken with the sun gently pouring in. They can be set to close as the sun sets, or partially close to provide shading in response to increased sunlight or as the temperature increases in the room, and even be set to mimic you being at home whilst you are away on hour holidays, providing an element of security. You can even control them via your smartphone whilst you're sat on a beach.

We’ve got a customer that has 11 manual roman blinds in his bay windows and around his house, which he has to open and close every day - that got too much pretty quickly, and he stopped closing them at all. He had spent good money on 11 handmade roman blinds which never moved, what a shame. Thankfully he has taken the plunge and engaged us to motorise them all, which we will do by retrofitting battery powered, motorised headrails to the existing blinds. With the addition of a TaHoma smart home module we will automate the lot, so that each morning they open at 7am and each evening they close as the sun sets.

As I just mentioned above, this can all now be retrofitted to your existing blinds in most cases, so you won’t have to replace what you've already got.

Ah the cost - yes it costs more, how wouldn't it, but nowhere near as much as you probably think - with the massive improvements that are being made in battery technology, the cost is coming down all the time and is now within reach for anyone that is looking for quality curtains and blinds in the first place. No wiring is necessary - all are available with battery power, and the batteries last a year!

So what are you waiting for...

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