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What is Architectural Interior Design?

Maybe you are building a new house, or planning a complete renovation and/or extension of an existing house? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone onboard to look at things like how the floor plan will work best for you and your family, how the rooms would be best laid out, where to put power sockets, how to position the lighting so you have both task and mood lighting in every room. 


Also to design you a bathroom and kitchen that are a little bit different, a bit more daring, with clever use of colour, pattern and texture, and more interesting layouts, rather than the standard designs that everyone else has.


That is where we can help you - if we are involved early enough we can help with all of these things. Combine this with our Turnkey Interior Design Service for the design and furnishing of each room and you will have a truly special home at the end of it.

Some of the things
we can help with...

  • Space planning, including floor plan changes,

  • Room layouts and furniture positioning,

  • Bespoke Joinery Design,

  • Architectural Detailing & Hardware Specification (including walls, doors, windows, door & window hardware, and the like),

  • Plumbing and electrical layouts, including lighting,

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Design and Detailing,

All of this can then be documented for your builder and/or trades to work to.

Book an appointment to talk to us about your project...

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