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So what is
Turnkey Interior Design?

We decided long ago that designing something truly fabulous for our clients and then leaving them to get on with it just wasn't for us. Our clients typically don't have the time to deal with all the suppliers and trades that are needed to bring our designs to life, nor do they have the design skill to bring together the different colours, textures and patterns that we love to include in our schemes.


So "design only" just didn't work for us - instead, we get stuck in and do the hard work ourselves. We design the room(s), source everything, deal with all finishing trades, suppliers and bespoke manufacturers, consolidate everything until it is all ready to be installed, bring everything to site in one go, and fully and completely bring the design to life, dressed and finished with minimal fuss for our clients.

This is what we do best. 

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What is a Typical project
for us...

​Clients usually come to us because they want a room or two completely redesigning, with majority new items, and they want someone else to deal with it from start to finish, with minimal involvement from them. 

This could be a lounge, a bedroom, a home office, a dining room, a home bar or a dedicated entertaining space. We have helped our clients with all of these and on many occasions we have helped with multiple rooms and whole houses, top to bottom. 

We always start with a chat to discuss the project, how we might be able to help and how our process works. Then once a budget is agreed we produce a concept design - when you are happy with that just leave us to it and we will do everything else to bring that concept design to life. Minimal involvement is required from you, but we will of course keep you in the loop as we progress through the project to completion. 

Then its yours to enjoy, stress free. 

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As part of this Service we always...

  • ​Start with a concept design and agree that with you, working to the agreed budget,

  • Document our design as required, for example for specialist joinery, bespoke upholstery and the like,

  • Source and procure, or organise the bespoke manufacture, of each item as required,

  • Make up items of bespoke soft furnishings, incl curtains, blinds, cushions and bed runners etc,

  • Engage, co-ordinate and manage our trades,

  • Consolidate deliveries into storage until required and then deliver to site,

  • Position or install items in the room(s),

  • Dress it all to achieve the design intent and desired look,

  • Take away all packaging and deal with any issues, such as returns due to damage,

  • Leave you with a complete room(s), all finished and ready for you to enjoy.

Book an appointment to talk to us about your project...

Norfolk Street 55.jpg

Here's some of our favorite rooms from recently completed projects

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