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powder room architectural interior design yorkshire

Powder Room & Family Bathroom

East Yorkshire

Architectural interior design of bathroom, working with clients builder, including full documentation, FFE sourcing & dressing to complete

Balkholme Bathrooms

We just love it when a client comes to us and says “I’ve come to you because I want something different, I don’t want a standard bathroom companies design and layout.” For us this is brilliant, because it means we have some creative freedom to design something special.


Having worked with this client before, we knew she liked pattern and colour, specifically William Morris. Keen not to overdo it on William Morris print we considered other designs that might be of a similar look and feel, so we used Lewis and Wood for the powder room and Christopher Farr for the family bathroom, both wonderful wallpapers that offer more of a mural feel. 

With the powder room we considered the adjoining rooms, the rural location and also the size of the space. When it comes to small spaces I think more really is more, so we went for it, we know our client loved green and also the London Basin Company, so those were our starting points.

The family bathroom, located in a completely different part of the house, has a more serene feel, although still embraces pattern and colour. The Christopher Farr wallpaper was finished in decorators varnish to ensure a good moisture barrier and the baked tile company tiles continue the muted colour palette.


Our client tells us that they have received lots of complements already :)

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