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architectural interior design of pool house in east yorkshire

Pool House Project


Turnkey project including design, project management, FFE sourcing, install & dressing to complete

Pool House, Yorkshire

Having already completed a lounge project for this client, they asked us if we could help them with their pool house. In a completely new building, we took care of the design of their party room, powder room and changing rooms. Being involved from the start we were able to help with layouts, electrical plans, window and doors styles, floor finishes and then our complete turnkey service for the party room itself.

A pool house like no other, this space has a full kitchen, a completely bespoke bar with dining and banquette seats, as well as a lounge area. All open plan, this space has been designed for entertaining, but has been zoned so that when not entertaining it can be comfortably used by the family.

We were careful to ensure that all the fabrics were hardwearing and durable, given it’s a pool house, but at the same time we wanted it to feel considered, layered, warm and welcoming.
The large bespoke banquette seat, designed to accommodate 10-12 people, sits on the end of the bar, so if people want to sit and eat they can, whilst still conversing with friends seated at the bar. The solid brass topped bar then faces towards the crittall style bi-fold doors out onto the pool area.


We wanted to ensure that it was easy to come and go from the pool to the bar, so installed wood look tiles with a high slip rating for maximum durability and safety. The floor has underfloor heating, ideal for tiles, so will be cosy during the winter months.


The lounge at the far end of the space has an inset carpet with brass trim. This helps to delineate the space and also make it feel more comfortable and relaxing. The bespoke moleskin stain resistant sofa has an openable ottoman, to provide additional storage. For flexibility we included 2 small chairs and beanbag footstools, as well as side tables and a coffee table for maximum flexibility when lounging or entertaining.


Our clients are thrilled with the results and we are too :)

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